2018 National Chemical Fiber Fabric Product Development Annual Conference held in Hai'an

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At the meeting, Duan Xiaoping, Vice President of the China Textile manufacturing Federation and President of the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, focused on the "13th Five Year Plan" mid-term assessment of the chemical fiber industry from the aspects of capacity, investment, profit, technology, green, brand, domestic and international development environment and future prospects of the chemical fiber industry. Duan Xiaoping pointed out that since the "13th Five Year Plan", the national economy has stabilized and improved, the global economy and trade have bottomed out and recovered, and China's Textile manufacturing has gradually stabilized and recovered, providing good demand support for the development of chemical fiber industry. The rise in commodity prices has led to a cost driven increase in chemical fiber prices. At the same time, due to good demand and smooth price transmission, the operation quality and efficiency of the chemical fiber industry have significantly improved. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, chemical fiber production will maintain a steady annual growth rate of 3.3%.