Functional recycled polyester fiber, healthy and environmentally friendly, adding wings like a tiger

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The oil resources of the Earth are not renewable, so saving oil resources is the responsibility of every person on Earth. Regenerated polyester fiber, also known as recycled polyester fiber, is made from discarded polyester bottles, polyester clothing, and other polyester items through recycled processing, thus saving petroleum resources.

Currently, there are two main ways to recycle polyester:

One method is to prepare recycled polyester fibers such as polyester bottles and blocks by crushing them and directly spinning them. The regenerated polyester fibers prepared by this method can generally only be spun into fibers with thicker single fibers, which have a hard texture and white fibers with color differences. Therefore, they can only be used in lower end textiles or products with no requirements for texture or color difference. At present, most domestic bottle spinning manufacturers adopt this method.

The second method is to prepare polyester monomers by sorting, cleaning, and cracking polyester clothing or other waste, and then re polymerize them into polyester, which is then spun and prepared. The regenerated polyester fiber prepared by this method has no essential difference from the original polyester fiber, and the product quality is high. The common ones are polyester short fibers, polyester hollow fibers, etc.